UN Corners

The UN corners are founded for enhancement of public awareness and promotion of interest towards the UN values, its global agenda and policies upon the request of the hosts. Other than having a dedicated bookcase/corner for UN publications, other visual materials and posters about the United Nations, these corners are mainly used for convening various meetings with UN officials, for workshops, discussions, exhibitions, film screenings, new publication / report launching, etc.

The maintenance and the smooth operation of these entities are the sole responsibility of the host institution or organization. UN Armenia assists them by donating new local publications and HQ acquisitions, promotional and visual materials - when available. UN Armenia can also organize joint events and activities in these facilities with the consent and support of the given entity.

The majority of the UN Corners (12 of them) are located in major university libraries in Yerevan. Outside the capital UN Armenia Office has established UN Corners (6 of them) in community libraries and on the premises of partner NGOs. 

In Yerevan the UN Corners are hosted by:

In regions of Armenia the UN Corners are hosted by: