President of Armenia meets with outgoing UN Resident Coordinator

Over the years, the UN Development Program has become a reliable and effective partner for the Armenian government.

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President Serzh Sargsyan met today with UN Resident Coordinator Bradley Busetto who is completing his mission in the Republic of Armenia.

The President of Armenia expressed high opinion of our country’s cooperation with various UN structures and, in particular, with the Development Program during Bradley Busetto’s five years in office. The President considered this period to be quite successful in terms of effectiveness of interaction. Serzh Sargsyan appreciated Mr. Busetto’s personal contribution to Armenia’s development and wished him every success in his further activities.

“Over the years, the UN Development Program has become a reliable and effective partner for the Armenian government. Of many successful programs, I would like to single out Armenia’s northern border checkpoints modernization program, which made them meet the best international standards. Of course, I am glad that the Meghri checkpoint modernization program has started, too, so that after a certain time, we can state with satisfaction that the task of modernizing our border checkpoints is complete.

I very much appreciate UNDP’s participation in our electoral processes. I think that the use of appropriate technical devices had a positive impact. I am very happy with the program you are implementing in the border villages of Tavush Marz, aimed at ensuring sustainable development in vulnerable communities.

I also wish to express my gratitude for the assistance provided to those Syrian Armenians who found refuge in Armenia,” President Sargsyan said. Serzh Sargsyan expressed confidence that the incoming Resident Coordinator would endeavor as much as Bradley Busetto in a bid to further deepen Armenia’s cooperation with the UN.

Bradley Busetto said it was a great honor and responsibility for him to work in Armenia and implement the programs which, as mentioned by the President of the Republic of Armenia, were useful for Armenia and its citizens.

“I hope that owing to the confidence forged between the sides, the UN will continue to act as a structure to which the Armenian government can always turn with topical issues that call for an impartial partner with worldwide experience. In addition, I hope that we were able to help Armenia play an even more important role in the family of the United Nations as we tried to present Armenia in New York as a country of innovation, entrepreneurship and business – a country that can also be visited as a tourist,” UN Resident Coordinator Bradley Busetto said, assuring Serzh Sargsyan that the years spent in Armenia were full of deep and fond impressions, and would remain forever in his memories.

At the end of the meeting, Bradley Busetto wished Armenia and the whole region peace and prosperity.