Armenia’s Roadmap for Sustainable Development Goals to Come Forth Soon

Armenian Government and UN Country Team hosted the SDGs Mainstreaming, Acceleration and Policies Support Mission

On 24-31 July the Government of Armenia and the United Nations Armenia hosted the SDGs Mainstreaming, Acceleration and Policies Support mission (MAPS) of the United Nations/United Nations Development Programme. The objective of the mission has been to support the Government in mainstreaming and acceleration of the SDGs implementation taking into consideration the specificities of the national context and progress already made in aligning the SDGs with Armenia’s Development Strategy (ADS), 2014-2025.

The MAPS mission will be supporting these on-going efforts through elaboration and facilitation of adoption of the Roadmap on SDGs by the end of autumn. The Roadmap will become a basis for selecting the most effective innovative modes and ways through proposing acceleration entry points of the SDG implementation in the context of ADS and sectoral strategies.

The mission’s programme combined broad consultations involving high level officials from the Government and line ministries, with representatives of civil society, development partners and the UN Country Team. The mission team also met with the four SDGs taskforces on economic, social, environmental, and legal and democratic equality issues. The mission work resulted in presenting the initial findings to the Inter-agency Commission on SDGs, which was hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The members of the mission expressed their satisfaction regarding the progress made by the Government of Armenia towards nationalization of the SDGs. They particularly commended the fact that the ADS, which is being updated to reflect the renewed priorities of the newly formed Government, will integrate the nationalized SDGs and provide vision on the implementation modality.

It is also expected that the Government of Armenia (via the Center for Strategic Initiatives) and the UN/UNDP will launch the world’s first National SDG Innovation Lab. The Lab will build on Armenia’s unique experience in social innovation (through Kolba Lab – the first of its kind, launched in 2012), applying new methodologies for engaging citizens in policy direction setting and making and leveraging new data for regional and rural development. 

In 2015 the GoA has committed to the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals along with all the other United Nations member states. As the first step of the SDGs roll-out in the country the Rapid Integrated Policy Assessment was prepared and endorsed by the Government in 2016-2017. The assessment provides an indication of the alignment between national policies and strategies and the SDGs and recommendations on SDGs entry points.