UN Armenia News http://un.am/en/mediacenter News of UN in Armenia website. The FAO-led 2020 food security and nutrition report for Europe and Central Asia elaborates on the costs of a healthy diet http://www.un.am/en/news/1101 Affordable healthy diets can trigger positive development in nutrition, sustainability 2021-05-12 09:46:10 Video PSA Contest for Middle and High School Students http://www.un.am/en/news/1100 UNDP Climate Change Programme and Armenia Tree Project announce a video competition under the EU4Climate project 2021-05-11 13:32:06 UNFPA teams up with FIFA Foundation and Football Federation of Armenia for a Five-day Campus http://www.un.am/en/news/1099 Legendary Youri Djorkaeff led the Campus for the children and adolescents from different parts of Armenia and NK. 2021-05-05 11:07:56 UNHCR enhancing the Syunik Family and Children Support Centre in the host community Kapan to benefit the local and displaced children from Nagorno-Karabakh http://www.un.am/en/news/1098 UNHCR brought some technical equipment and office furniture for the computer room functioning within the Centre 2021-05-03 10:42:05 The Government of Armenia approved Armenia’s updated 2021-2030 Nationally Determined Contributions, supported under EU4Climate project http://www.un.am/en/news/1097 The updated document sets the ambition of Armenia towards reduction of GHG emissions by 40% compared with base year 1990 by 2030 2021-04-30 13:11:34 FAO and Armenia discuss solutions to combat land degradation http://www.un.am/en/news/1096 To provide a comprehensive solution to land degradation in Armenia, FAO and the Ministry of Environment developed a joint project proposal 2021-04-30 06:10:47 Joint SDG Fund in collaboration with UN to support transformative change in Armenia http://www.un.am/en/news/1093 The project will operationalize the Armenian Transformation Strategy and sectoral strategies through an SDG integrated financial framework 2021-04-27 13:00:02 Good Practice of Migration Service of Armenia in Adapting Asylum Procedures to the COVID-19 Situation http://www.un.am/en/news/1095 The Migration Service implemented new procedures clustered into two main principles 2021-04-27 04:17:10 UNHCR’s visit to Metsamor - a host community for displaced families from Nagorno-Karabakh http://www.un.am/en/news/1094 UNHCR staff also had a meeting with a group of women displaced from NK 2021-04-27 00:54:44 How can we vaccinate the world? Five challenges facing the UN-backed COVAX programme http://www.un.am/en/news/1092 The aim of the UN-backed COVAX scheme is to get two billion vaccine doses into the arms of around a quarter of the population of poorer countries by the end of 2021 2021-04-13 07:21:55